There is a National Skilled Labor Shortage in Skilled Trades

Did you know: For every 4 or 5 leaving skilled trades, only 1 is entering?  This is a staggering statistic.  Ask anyone in the skilled trade fields and they will agree that good, skilled labor is hard to find in construction, plumbing, electric, welding, etc.  For years, our youth has been told that the answer … Read more

Is your Georgia roofing contractor REALLY licensed? (Hint: There is no Georgia Roofing License requirement!)

Did you know that there is no official Georgia Roofing License? Yikes!  There is good news though:  The RSMCA (Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association of Georgia) is leading the way to change with their voluntary licensing program. Total Pro Roofing is proud to be an early adopter and has obtained the “Low and Steep … Read more

Wind Damage and Your Roof

lifted shingles from wind damage

Wind can cause major damage to roofs, especially older 3-tab shingles. When wind catches shingles, it damages the seal, lifts shingles, creases them, and can even blow them off the roof completely.  Any wind damage to a roof should be cause for concern, because moisture can now begin to work its way into your home … Read more